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ROOM 的貴賓您好

我是 ROOM 的藝術管家,請給我片刻的時間,為您介紹我們的 ROOM。ROOM 是一個由畫中男孩的勇氣與夢想構築的地方,所以在我們的房間裡,時間與死亡都不存在。並且我們的房間有一個規定,每一個貴賓一生只能到訪一次,一旦離開便永遠不能再回來。無論你是國王還是平民,這個規定都是一樣的,只有主人翁讚美的藝術家除外。好了,感謝您珍貴的時間,這是您的通行證。啊!真抱歉,我說錯了,在這裡時間是不存在的。請為我們選擇您的房間吧,一定要記得 You only live once, YOLO!

Dear Room Guest

This is the art steward of ROOM, it’s a great pleasure for me to introduce you our room, please kindly spare me a few minutes. ROOM is a place built up with the faith and dream of the boy in the painting. In our room, neither time nor death exists. There’s one rule we’d need to strictly follow – you could only visit our room for one time, once you leave, you could never come back again. This dicipline is set for everyone, whether you are a king or a street sweeper. The only exception will be saved for artists praised by the owner. Thank you for your precious time, here is your pass. Oh! I’m so sorry for the slip of the tongue, time doesn’t exist here. Now you could select your ROOM , please do remember, you only live once. YOLO!