Q:我要如何預定參觀 ROOM 呢?

A:請點擊 Stay At ROOM 查詢時間與體驗詳情。

Q:請問小孩也能體驗 ROOM 嗎?

A:很抱歉,ROOM 僅開放 21 歲以上成人體驗參觀

Q:請問能帶寵物一起體驗 ROOM 嗎?

A:很抱歉, ROOM 不開放寵物入場

Q:請問 ROOM 附近能停車嗎?

A:ROOM 對面有大安森林公園站地下停車場

Q:請問我能否於 ROOM 收取包裹呢?

A:可以的,請事先付清或現場結清款項,並請快遞員於速件後立即離開。 ROOM 不負責代付任何物流郵遞相關費用。



Q:我能在 ROOM 舉辦私人派對嗎?



A:請來信 stay@roomartprojects.com  或 +886 917633421 




A: 請於預定體驗時告知藝術管家您希望預定攝影服務,攝影師將於約定時間赴 ROOM 為您們拍照,將提供三張照片(含修圖),服務費用 NTD 6,000 元。


A:響應藝術家 #生活像花兒一樣美麗 藝術計畫,您可先提供團隊一個回憶或故事,團隊花藝師將以此為靈感發想訂製一件花藝作品,陳設於您的 ROOM 中, 訂製費用 NTD 6,000 元。



A:請將您的需求 Email 至 roomartprojects@gmail.com,我們將視您的使用規模與時間提供報價。



Q:請問我們品牌或商品該如何與 ROOM 洽談合作?

A:請將您的品牌介紹與提案寄到 roomartprojects@gmail.com 信箱,我們將儘快與您聯繫。

Q:請問我的品牌能列入 ROOM 的求生指南中嗎?

A:請將您的品牌介紹寄到 roomartprojects@gmail.com 信箱,我們將儘快與您聯繫。






ROOM For Stay

How do I stay at room? 

You will find all the options available under Stay At ROOM. 

Can I bring my children to the ROOM? 

Unfortunately, we only allow members over 21 years old to participate the ROOM. 

Can I bring my pets to the ROOM? 

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to visit the ROOM. 

Is parking available for cars or bikes at the ROOM? 

There’s a public automobile parking area underneath Da’an Forest Park. 

Can I get a parcel delivered to the ROOM? 

Yes, but please ensure they’re collected right away. ROOM does not accept any liability for anything delivered to the ROOM on behalf of members. 

What payment options are available? 

We accept credit card, cash and bank transfer. 

Can I host private events at the ROOM? 

Members are allowed to bring maximum two guests with them to the ROOM, please kindly let your Art Steward know the time you’d bring up the guests, they’d stay for 3 hours.

How can I contact the Art Steward? 

Get in touch using stay@roomartprojects.com or +886917633421

How can I book an artwork tour? 

Please listed in the ordering email the date and time you’d like to arrange a tour; the manager of the artist’s studio will schedule a personal tour for you. 

How can I book an in-suite photographer? 

Please listed in the ordering email that you’d like to order this additional service; the photographer will arrive your ROOM and take photos for you, we’ll provide totally 3 pictures for you (with retouching), a $6,000 NTD service fee will be charged from your deposit. 

How can I book a flora service during my stay?

Supporting the art project by the artist Chou Shih Hsiung, you could tell us a story/memory before checking in the ROOM, our florist will design a flora work inspired from your story and place at your ROOM when you arrived. The price of this service will be $NTD 6,000.

ROOM for Rent 

What’s the price of hosting an event, shooting still photos or filming commercials at the ROOM? 

Please email your demand to roomartprojects@gmail.com, our team members will get back the quotation and terms & condition to you as soon as possible. 

How many guests can I bring to an event? 

Maximum 30 people including staffs. 

I’d like my brand to be part of the ROOM’s collection. How can I get involved? 

Please contact roomartprojects@gmail.com and provide more information about your brand. 

How can I be featured in Survival Guide of ROOM? 

Please email roomartprojects@gmail.com to discuss with our editorial team.

How can I book a catering service for my event?

Please email roomartprojects@gmail.com with your event type, expected number of people, dietary preference of attendees and budget, our recommended vendor will contact you for a customized plan.

How can I book a flora service for my event?

Please email roomartprojects@gmail.com with your floor plan and event theme, our recommended florist will contact you for a customized plan.