美國已故極簡主義大師 Donald Judd 位於紐約蘇活區之故居,周世雄在 2014 年於耶魯大學就讀時參訪至今仍念念不忘 :「那是一個非常簡單卻講究的地方,沒有昂貴的材質,沒有華麗的裝飾,只有乾淨的環境與充足的陽光,藝術家自己創作或收藏的家具與藝術品,看上去甚至有些簡陋,卻是獨一無二的。我開始去想像,獨身一人在裡面住上一晚,白天晚上將會很不一樣,這一定是再奇特也不過的體驗了。」於是「讓每一個人都住進美術館」的藝術計畫 -ROOM,就這樣開始了。

101 Spring Street, the former residence of American minimalist artist Donald Judd, captivated Chou Shih Hsiung during his visit to this place in 2014 while studying in Yale University. “That place was simple yet subtle, there’s no luxury materials, nor magnificent decorations, just a clean apartment with abundant sunlight in it. The artworks and furniture curated by the artist look a bit rough and humble, while truly unique and irreplaceable. I can’t stop imaging if I’d stay over here, feeling the floating ambiences from day to night, it must be the most unforgettable experience in my life.” Since then, the seed of ROOM, an art projects aiming to invite everyone to live in a museum, started to grow in the artist’s mind.