HOTEL   YOLO                    

  by Chou Shih Hsiung 2020, Taipei, Taiwan

第一間藝術宅 ROOM 座落在台北市大安森林公園旁一間建於 80 年代的老公寓內,這間老公寓也曾是台灣知名當代藝術家周世雄先生的住家。周世雄先生為了紀念這個間的落成,親自在開幕活動進行了一個名 Hotel YOLO 永生旅店的行為藝術演出。

The first ROOM art project is located in an old apartment built in 1980s near by Taipei Da’an Forest Park. This apartment was used to be the home studio of Taiwanese contemporary artist Chou Shih Hsiung. For the inauguration, Chou curated and presented an art performance – Hotel YOLO at the opening ceremony.

在一個近年來最大暴風雪的夜晚,一個游牧的男子在一間滿是塑膠與鏡子的旅館房間醒來,他的身體脆弱且赤裸。由床畔走向窗邊,他了解美麗的事物總是由髒 臭不潔所構成的,但他仍有著對完美世界的幻想。他相信事物的力量是言語無法表達的。他不能再等待,他對被愛和被害的幻想,像一座要爆發的火山即將摧毀 他的城市。建立一段關係再毀壞它。他明白如果他是誠實的,那他是自由的。

In a night of the biggest snowstorm in recent years, a nomadic man woke up in a hotel room filled with plastics and mirrors. His body is frangible and naked. Move from the bed to the window. He understands the pretty thing is always composed by dirty. But he still has an illusion of a perfect world. He believes the power of a thing could not be addressed by language. He can’t wait. His delusion of being hurt and being loved is like a volcano about to destroy his city. Build up a relationship and ruin it. He realized if he is honest, then he is free.