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                Room Oil House             

by Chou Shih Hsiung 2020, Taipei,Taiwan

Room  石油之屋,展示當代藝術家周世雄先生著名的石油畫創作系列以及從油品工廠得到靈感的空間裝置藝術,並與居家空間結合。在創作的過程中,藝術家與設計師合作,嘗試了不同的材質與元素,親自參與施作,也探索過去於歐美生活的回憶片段, 最黑的黑與無盡的鏡像,在大量留白並且陽光充足的空間中,顯得寧靜且神祕。

In ROOM Oil House, a series of crude oil made artworks “Oil Painting” and site-specific installation artworks inspired from an oil factory, both were created by Taiwanese contemporary artist Chou Shih Hsiung, are presented and immersed with a residential space. In the process of creating this place, artist cooperated with designers and architects to try different materials and elements. In this journey, he also explored his fragments of memories living in Europe and the States. In this space filled with blank and sunlight, a sense of quietness and mystery is outlined by the darkest black and endless reflections.